The handcrafted leather handbag brand JOTHEL started from a little dream and from the love of leather and materials. The collection is inspired by minimalism, pure nature and Nordic way of living.

In a JOTHEL bag you’ll find a companion for everyday, travelling or simply for an evening relaxation in the theatre or restaurant. The material we use is an organic Scandinavian vegetable tanned leather from Tärnsjö Garveri. From its natural spectrum of colours there’s a shade for every taste and season – from moss green to cerise, sand colour to chocolate brown and from mild cognac to midnight blue. The different styles have gotten their shape from a personal need and practicality, and in that they carry a simple form and minimalist look.

The name JOTHEL hides a deeper meaning and a connection to its founder. JOTHEL got its name from the first letters from the designer’s children’s names. Also, every style is named after someone close and special and that’s why every bag has its own story and lifeforce that has a lot of care and commitment in it.


From the handcrafted collection you’ll find a shopper, crossbody and clutch type bags in different shades. The vegetable tanned leather is good quality and durable which makes taking care of the bag simple – occasionally use beeswax leather care balm and try to protect your bag from heavy rain. If unexpected rainy weather catches you by surprise, let the bag rest and dry on a soft sofa.

Vegetable tanned leather changes over time just like you. Your new Maria, Johanna or Elisabeth softens and shapes to its owner’s ways over time to become even more comfortable and with time she’ll show you her laugh and frown lines. It’s important to remember that these are all signs of pleasure, care and faithfulness that make your bag an even more beloved companion.


The Shopper type bag fits your entire portable life to its bottomless space. Maria is also a comfortable nest to a laptop and a lunch picked up on the fly. The inside pocket fits all the small important bits and pieces. If you wish you can close the bag with a small buckle and there’s an option to pick the length of the straps to fit either to the shoulder or have it as a tophadle bag.

Base: 12x33 cm
Height: 30 cm
Price: 340 EUR


The Crossbody type bag has a compact shape but still offers plenty of space to fit all the necessities and a bit more. Johanna is a chic companion running to the office in the morning, on a business trip or in the airport when flying to the weekend-getaway.

Base: 3x20 cm
Height: 23 cm
Price: 140 EUR


The Clutch type bag fits the most important on the special occasion – be it in the cafe, theatre or a night out. The long strap is easily removable so you can simply, yet elegantly, hold Elisabethi in your hand…

Base: 2x24 cm
Height: 12 cm
Price: 110 EUR


The new JOTHEL is just a few steps away. Please contact us for international delivery. We accept Paypal payments.